Severance Middle School Addition

The Need

Severance Middle School was designed and constructed with future growth in mind. The building is now serving at 126% core building capacity (755 students served for a 600-student building).


The school has reached the point where this planned addition is now necessary to achieve a student population of 900. Additionally, we look to expand educational opportunities for our students through an innovation commons, maker space, and design lab.

  • 51,100 sq. ft.

  • 900-student total school capacity

  • Auxiliary gymnasium and weight room

  • Cafeteria expansion

  • Two-story learning community

  • Center-based special education suite

  • Design lab

  • Parking expansion

  • Remodel of the band/vocal areas to accommodate the cafeteria expansion

  • Remodel and expansion of the classroom collaboration spaces

  • Library renovation to become the innovation commons and maker space

  • Creation of an upper-level corridor in the classroom wing to improve student flow



  • Additional 476-student capacity, reducing capacity challenges

Est. Costs

  • $18,014,750 construction costs

  • $3,602,950 soft costs

Est. Timeline

  • Construction Start: August 2023

  • Completion Date: Fall 2024


  • Conceptual Design