Potential November 2021 Bond

On August 30, 2021 the Weld RE-4 School Board unanimously voted to refer bond and mill levy override initiatives to the November 2021 Ballot.

"The Weld RE-4 School Board approved a motion to refer school bond and mill levy initiatives to the 2021 ballot. With the addition of over 800 students in our schools this year, growth in our community is even more aggressive than demographers projected. In approving this motion, our board did its most essential work—work that is in the best interests of our students. The community truly helped shape this measure. Their input helped us get to a package that will provide incredible value to our taxpayers and the best facilities for our students. Because we delayed this measure a year, we have gotten beyond the critical point. This bond measure is now urgent to our district’s ability to best serve our growing student population."

Jennifer Lieber, Weld RE-4 School Board President | August 30, 2021

Click here for Senate Bill 03-139 (§ 1-7-908, C.R.S.) Notice

Growing Neighborhoods

Growth in student enrollment is aligned with new neighborhood developments in our communities.

In 2020, the number of single-family home permits in Windsor, Severance, and West Greeley alone (1,400) rivaled that of those granted in Wellington, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Timnath combined (1,500).

Growing Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 is over 8,200 students, which is an 800-student increase from the previous school year.

We are anticipating 900 new elementary students between 2021 and 2024 and a near-term need to add capacity to serve 500 more middle school students.

Meeting the Need

We are not asking for investments in additional capacity that we are hoping to fill in the future. We are looking at investments that will serve students already in our Weld RE-4 communities to ensure we can continue to offer the high-quality educational experience that Weld RE-4 is known for, that our community expects, and that our students deserve.

See the 2021-2022 to 2027-2028 professional demographers report here and the presentation to the school board here.