We're looking at investments that will serve current students in our
Weld RE-4 communities, ensuring we continue to offer the high-quality educational experiences that we're known for, that our community
expects, and that our students deserve.


The towns of Severance and Windsor issued more than 1,200 single-family building permits in 2021. Active construction is occurring in the Promontory neighborhood of West Greeley, and there are multiple large projects in the approval stage with the City of Greeley.


We expect to see 2,559 more resident students (a 32 percent increase) in our district by the
2025-26 school year. Since the 2009-10 school year, we've nearly doubled to 8,104 students --
a 98.5% increase in 12 years.


Eight of our nine schools have exceeded their building capacity. To help manage this challenge, we’ve purchased modulars that will be installed at schools this summer. Every single school in our district will have at least one modular next year.