Existing Building Repairs & Replacements

The Need

In addition to capacity challenges, many of our buildings require significant repairs that are beyond our annual budget.


The proposed projects touch schools across the district, extending the buildings’ lives, reducing energy costs, and upgrading security and safety items. These are items identified by our Maintenance & Operations team as high priority.

Districtwide Safety and Security ($7.1M)

  • External door access control

  • Public address system upgrade

  • Internal / external security cameras

Windsor Middle School ($5.3M)

  • Extend the building's useful life through replacements of the roof, roof-top units, boilers, and water heaters.

Priority 1 Repairs ($4.8M)

  • Skyview School of STEM: Boiler replacement and cafeteria roof-top unit replacement

  • Tozer Primary School: Kitchen floor replacement

  • Windsor High School: Replacement of the roof-top units and roof sections

Priority 2 Repairs ($1.3M)

  • Windsor High School: Replacement of the stadium turf field and shock pad


  • Expand the useful life of existing buildings

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Enhance school safety and security

Est. Costs

  • $18,500,000 approximately


  • None

Est. Timeline

  • Coming Soon


  • Project Planning