Our staff play a critical role in the lives of our students and their educational wellbeing.

The Need

Colorado ranks 49th in the nation for average starting teacher salaries. Our starting teacher salary is $42,000, in comparison to Eaton School District ($39,514), Weld RE-9 - Ault ($40,000), Greeley’s District 6 ($42,475), Thompson School District ($43,000), Poudre School District ($48,000), and St. Vrain School District ($49,250).


If approved by voters, the school district would receive an additional $5 million annually, with a proportional share going to Windsor Charter School based on funded student count.

These funds would be utilized to recruit and retain high quality teachers and support staff through pay increases, which will allow us to be more competitive with neighboring districts. Additionally, the funds would support the startup costs associated with the new elementary and middle schools.

Community Investment

Monthly Property Tax Impact

This mill levy override, if approved by voters, would mean a net property tax increase for residential property owners* within the Weld RE-4 School District, estimated monthly at:

  • Per $100,000 of actual residential property value - $0.96

  • Per $450,000 of actual residential property value - $4.32

  • Per $600,000 of actual residential property value - $5.77

This mill levy override would be phased in over two years, and would be ongoing.

*Commercial property tax rates are approximately four times the residential rate, depending on property classification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a bond measure and a mill levy override?

Typically, bond measures help fund capital projects (school construction), whereas the mill levy overrides fund operations (teacher salaries, operational costs, technology, etc.).

Why does this mill levy override not sunset?

Because this mill levy will be used for staff salaries beyond what our general fund revenue can provide, we do not look to have this mill levy override end.

Why is this mill levy override a dollar amount versus a set mill rate increase?

We are not asking voters for a set mill levy rate, but rather a dollar amount. This provides voters an advantage. As the number of property owners and assessed property values increase, the amount of the mill levy override is spread across the community. As our community has grown over the years, we have typically seen a reduction in the mill levy override portion of your property taxes.